The DIRTY SAVAGE Comes to Urban Operator

April 23, 2017

The DIRTY SAVAGE Comes to Urban Operator


Every now and then we discover a quality morale patch that really gets our attention. We recently discovered one such patch that has never been offered to the general public. It's known as the DIRTY SAVAGE, and we love it.

We love it so much that we tracked down the designer of the patch only to learn that its designer is a United States Air Force Pararescueman, and a very talented one. It turns out that DIRTY SAVAGE has a lot of symbolism built into it - symbolism that represents the Pararescueman career field.

The Angel and Wings -  This patch element represent a Pararescueman's  mission to save life and aid the injured around the world at any and all times.

Those Four-Toed Green Feet - The green feet are a tradition that comes from Vietnam. Air Force Pararescue helicopters call sign was Jolly Green. Since the Vietnam War, the majority of PJ's get a green feet tattoo on their butts once they graduate training and are an official PJ.

The Skull - The Candy Skull is a fairly new symbol that represents ABQ, NM, where the main Pararescue schoolhouse is located and where all PJ's receive their berets upon graduation from training.

The Stache - The mustache has become a tradition with many PJ units as they deploy overseas, highlighting their sense of humor and reputation for being "a little outside the box."

DIRTY SAVAGE is just one Team's moniker, and this Team is known for being a rowdy bunch, and a bit non-traditional!

Urban Operator likes to think it's a bit non-traditional, too, so we stepped outside our own box and inked a deal allowing us to become the exclusive U.S. distributor for DIRTY SAVAGE. Yup; we're now proudly producing this gorgeous, meaningful, 3D, 12-color, 3.42" x 3.5" Patch, through our sister company, Affinity Patch Co.

Up to this point, DIRTY SAVAGE has only been available on Base and now it's available to you.

Get one, you dirty savage! That's an Order!

Watch That Others May Live: Air Force Special Operations Pararescue

Part medic, part combat warrior, it is the unique and demanding role of Air Force Special Operations Pararescuemen to save the lives of people injured both on and off the battlefield. These specialists go through extensive physical and technical training to master the skills needed to rescue others and operate under some of the most extreme conditions around the world.