The Pike Hawk Skulperator Patch

The Pike Hawk Skulperator 3D PVC patch, by Urban Operator, was inspired by the scores, if not hundreds, of skull and crossbones designs dating back to the 12th century. Since that time, skull and crossbones have been used for military flags or insignia and as a warning to the ferocity of the unit displaying them. Modern day versions have morphed in meaning and design, with the crossbones replaced by all types of fighting tools.

Today's urban operators incorporate all kinds of fighting tools in their go-bags, backpacks, and tactical EDC kits, but one thing remains a constant - whether it be crossbones, firearms, or fighting knives, the skull still denotes the fighting ferocity of the individual or unit displaying it.

The Pike Hawk Skulperator is one of two current Skulperator designs - the other is The 1911 Skulperator. The Pike Hawk Skulperator is 3.5" wide by approximately 2.25+" tall.

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